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While wandering the endless sands, you are met by a strange thing indeed. Calling itself The Prophet, it wields a sword of purest marble, a blue-bright blade with the most wonderful glow. Claiming the sword to be a treasure from the ancient Autarchy, The Prophet begins to tell you its tale...

The Autarch's Blade is a twelve-page adventure zine set in the blue wastes of Vaarn. In it, you'll meet a creature known only as The Prophet, who tells the tale of their mystic sword. Go with them through dying caves, marble gates, and into the tombs of long-dead machines. Although it's set in Vaarn, the adventure is completely system-agnostic, and was made for the Vaults of Vaarn Summer Jam. It also includes some Wasteland tables for you to use for random encounters in your games, I hope you enjoy :)

The way I intended the zine to be run, is for the Referee to read it as a narrative told by The Prophet, and then for that adventure to be run for the players. Obviously if you want, throw The Prophet and their magick sword into your games as a cool little encounter. You've gotta do what makes you happy :)


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