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All has come to ruin.
Castles crumble into dust as Mother Earth slowly dies
An age of wondrous monsters and weary heroes has come,
an age rife with adventure and peril...

CYST is a game about making your own fantasy world! Jam-packed with D8 tables for you to roll on, create your own settings, adventures, monsters, dungeons, treasures, and heroes! It's 16 pages long, A6, and bursting with colour and evocative collage!

Once your world is complete, get a few friends together or explore it on your own! CYST includes an accessible and simple coin-flip system to add peril and wonder to your adventures! I've also written a load of adventures for it, so check them out :)

β€œStriking typography-led layout; evocative, whimsical writing; pocket form factor. I am telling you, *this is the shit*” ~ Rook’s Press

β€œCYST is a must-have for any TTRPG collection” ~ Exsilium Games

β€œCompact, highly imaginative, and succinct, CYST is a tiny treasure in zine form” ~ Knave of Cups


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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Jamzilla has some of the best random tables for adventure seeds and world building in the TTRPG world.  CYST is a great place to start!

Thank you so much! I’m glad you like my work :)


Bought a physical copy! Can't wait to use this to supplement other games/prompt creativity

Thanks so much for ordering a copy, I honestly really appreciate it! I’ll send you an email soon when I’ve posted it out to you, and I hope you enjoy it once it arrives!


I glom this onto my own Heartseeker and I'm fairly sure I've seen what heaven looks like. Great work!


Amazing! I always use Hearseeker whenever I run a proper dungeon-crawl, so that honestly means a lot! <|:^)


Shoot! I didn’t see the tip $5 for shipping! I am buying again!


Amazing! Thank you so much, and for getting Bile Keep as well honestly it means a lot :D I’ll have to put in some extra goodies as well, thank you fr :)